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The NETIO products company launches the production of NETIO4 products, which are renamed to NETIO 4 and NETIO 4All.


The NETIO products company introduces FW version 2.3.5 for current customers of the Koukaam company.
In addition to many small bugfixes, the new firmware adds a new M2M API protocol – secure SNMP for controlling NETIO4 and NETIO4 All smart power sockets. 

This FW is the last firmware compatible with the legacy KOUKAAM products. 



Koukaam a.s., a producer of NETIO and IP Corder products since 1995, has ceased its activities. 


A newly established NETIO products a.s. company has acquired the NETIO line of products from the Koukaam company. “Our aim is to keep the smart socket product line that has been developed at Koukaam, and develop it further,“ says Jan Rehak, CEO of the new company.

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