What is PowerCable REST 101x

NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is a smart WiFi power socket (WiFi extension power cable) for integration with third-party systems using open REST API

PowerCable connects to the network over WiFi (internal antenna).
PowerCable REST includes a built-in web, can measure energy consumption, and allows controlling the output via REST API using one of the three M2M API protocols (XML, JSON, URL API). This makes it perfect for integration with thirt-party products over a local network.

OEM customization possible, ask for details.


Main features of NETIO PowerCable REST 101x


Web interface of PowerCable REST 101x:

  • Remote switching ON/OFF (230V / 110V)
  • Measured electrical values are displayed (V, A, kWh, W, Hz, TruePF)
  • REST API settings
  • User administration
  • Network configuration and more

TRY PowerCable REST Online-demo. Login: demo/demo


Simple example on how to integrate your PowerCable REST to 3rd party software (Node-RED) using JSON protocol:



PowerCable family introduction:



Application Notes:

and more...


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