Sequential switching | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
110/230VAC sockets are protected with circuit breakers against short circuit or overload. After a power outage, when the electricity is switched back on, a circuit breaker may trip if all 110/230V sockets of a NETIO product were switched on at the same time. See Inrush current.

After powering up, NETIO smart sockets switch on individual outputs one by one. To prevent circuit breakers from tripping, we do NOT recommend reducing the switching delay to zero.

The switching delay applies to device restarts and to commands to turn on all sockets at the same time. It does not apply to M2M API protocols; some protocols let you turn on all sockets at exactly the same time with a single command.

Caution: When switching sockets with your application and M2M API, please respect the need to switch on some appliances one by one and not all at once. Otherwise, circuit breakers may trip. 

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