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PDU (Power Distribution Unit) originally referred to a simple panel with many outlets for distributing power – typically in datacenters and 19" racks. This term is nowadays used for industrial outlets for all types of racks.
Frequency is the number of cycles per second. Its unit of measurement is hertz [Hz].
Some models of NETIO power socket devices measure some energy quantities.
Individual power outputs (electrical sockets) of the device.
Electrical power is a physical quantity that is expressed as electrical work over time. It is denoted P, its unit of measurement is watt [W].
NETIO PowerCable xxx is a family of products that, at the first glance, resemble a power extension cord with one outlet.
The order in which the individual power outputs are turned on (with time intervals) after the power is turned on for the device. The purpose is to switch on the individual outputs gradually with a spacing of a few seconds, so as not to overload the circuit breaker too much (see Inrush Current). Recommended for two UPS or several LED lights in parallel on one electrical circuit breaker.
The PoweUp State parameter (sometimes also called Cold start) defines the behavior of the 110/230V power output during the first milliseconds to seconds after powering up the device, before the LAN/WiFi communication with a master system is established.

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