Glossary - S | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
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The Scheduler function (sometimes called calendar, planner, timetable) is used to schedule turning On and Off automatically based on time and date.


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an Internet protocol for Internet telephony signaling. It uses UDP port 5060 or TCP/IP port 5060.
(Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for the monitoring and management of networks and services. It can be used to collect status information about individual devices and send configuration change requests. The protocol is based on the Manager/Agent principle, where the manager collects and processes data, and the agent reacts to messages from the manager and reports its status.
SNMP version 3 supports secure communication. Unlike SNMP v1 and v2, it uses username+password authentication and SSL encryption.


Ask for a price or technical parameters

For device testing use name/password demo/demo