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Power consumption WatchDog is "Condition" & "Action" (PAB - Power Analysis Block & Rules) based autonomous system. It continuously monitors current (energy) of monitored device powered from any metered power output of NETIO PDU device.
The WatchDog continuously monitors whether a given process or a part of a system work as they should. If not, the WatchDog restarts the process.
NETIO devices include their own web server and can be configured over the web interface.
WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless network, primarily intended to replace wired Ethernet, operating in an unlicensed band that is available worldwide.
WiFi Access Point is a device through which WiFi clients can connect to a WiFi network.
Smart socket devices without a LAN connection are equipped with a set of functions called “WiFi Reconnect”. The objective is to keep the products connected to the local network even if the WiFi infrastructure undergoes certain changes or the WiFi connection is interrupted, without having to restart the smart sockets device by disconnecting it from the electrical outlet.

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